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Helping You Push Through Government Red Tape

Interacting with government agencies for your business or personal needs is intimidating. Often, the process feels foreign and overwhelming, especially if you are doing it alone. Attorney Sam Begley has years of experience working with local government bodies and officials outside his legal practice. From working in the office of the Mississippi governor before law school to serving on Jackson Chamber of Commerce boards, he has insider experience and knowledge on both sides of federal, state and local government issues.

For any issue involving state or local regulations, it is vital that you work with an attorney who knows how to balance confidence, diplomacy and knowledge to successfully advocate for you in front of governing boards or when interacting with government agencies. For over 30 years, Sam Begley has helped clients reach their goals involving government agency oversight in Hinds County and statewide. From analyzing legislation to zoning and annexation, he can help you comply with government regulations and advocate for your goals.

Balancing Diplomacy And Knowledge To Fight Your Legal Battles

Noncompliance with government regulations can be costly. With laws constantly changing, it can sometimes be challenging to discern what is allowed and what isn’t. Working with an experienced state and local government lawyer can save you thousands in the long run by ensuring everything is correct and aligns with government regulations. Whether you are an individual or the owner of a small business or nonprofit organization, attorney Begley can help you.

Sam Begley can help you with a wide variety of issues involving state and local government, including:

  • Government contracts
  • Public records
  • Government ethics compliance
  • Zoning and annexation
  • Public finance
  • Legislation, including bill drafting and analysis

He also has experience with campaigns, elections and political law, as well as election contests and campaign finance compliance. He knows how to work with cities, counties and state agencies to represent your interests and further your goals.

A Practical Approach That Gets The Results You Need

If you need help with a government-related issue or moving a project forward, contact Begley Law Firm, PLLC. Attorney Sam Begley offers a straightforward approach that has led to a sound reputation in the Jackson community. Contact him today to schedule a free consultation at 601-401-8599 or through the online form.